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Ron Perlman On Hellboy 3 & Would Love to Work On Game of Thrones

Ron is asked about his interest in reuniting with Beauty and the Beast script writer George R.R. Martin for Game of Thrones. The actor also makes a plea to fans to help make Hellboy 3 a reality.

Ron had high praise for George R.R. Martin, who was a staff writer on his ABC cult television series, Beauty and the Beast. He said George's scripts were high quality, making them very distinctive and unique from the others. He always look forward to performing what George had written. And now that George's HBO series, Game of Thrones is doing incredibly well many are wondering if Perlman would be a part of the cast at some point.

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alycakes3401d ago

I would love to see a Hellboy 3. Wouldn't it be great to see what his kids look like?

DarkBlood3401d ago

so would i id love to see a hellboy 3, his kids will most likely resemble hellboy but with a darker pink brown flesh color

i saw some concept of that somewhere but i forgot

aDDicteD3394d ago

the first two installments of hellboy were awesome. it would be great if the third instalment materialize.