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The Walking Dead - 18 Miles Out Review | Player Affinity

While it still had its problems, last week’s “Triggerfinger” was pretty much exactly what The Walking Dead needed. It set a solid foundation for the change of pace that pretty much everybody who watches the show has been waiting for, laying a lot at the feet of Sunday’s “18 Miles Out.” If two episodes in a row managed to grab audience attention from words and war-wounds alike, the end to the show’s second season might just be a great one. If however, the follow-up to last week’s zombie massacre fell short, it might just be time for some people to consider giving The Walking Dead a boot from their schedule. So, which side of the divisive line did we end up on exactly?

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alycakes4038d ago

This was a good but very tense episode and I really wasn't sure how it was going to end. I still think Shane will be getting killed at some time or another but I don't think it will be by Ricks hand...I think it will be by Walkers or someone else.

Soldierone4038d ago


They finally are bringing back some of that tense scenes, but to me this one was a bit too predictable.

That whole part of Shane watching Rick leave really hit home with the viewer and Shane, but he still didn't seem to change at all. Plus Rick going back on his own was almost a given.

Personally I think when Shane dies he is going to "save himself" from the hatred. I don't think Rick is going to kill him out of hate or because they are fighting. I think Shane is going to have to step up to help Rick, get bitten and die saying sorry to Rick.

alycakes4038d ago

You're probably right about that...if he goes out he'll have to go out at least showing that he has a little heart. I figure it's gotta go that way too.

Nes_Daze4038d ago

IDK, I just hope Andrea dies somehow, I can't stand her. Shane is just a damn prick, but he DOES protect the group. I loled when on Talking Dead they said Andrea was good with guns or somebody said it, yeah good at almost killing Daryl. smh..