Check Out Two Teasers for the How to Train Your Dragon TV Series

Coming soon says

First announced back in 2010, Cartoon Network has plans to begin airing a television series based on the hit DreamWorks Animation film, How to Train Your Dragon. Today, two teasers are now online, courtesy of and can be viewed in the players below.

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Crazay4039d ago

How to Train Your Dragon is one of the best animated movies I've seen in years. I'll totally be checking this out.

Soldierone4038d ago

It's interesting that this didn't got to Nickelodeon, but I am interested.

The only issue I have is isn't all this just pulled from the movie? There are certain shots in each trailer(really noticable) of really bad visuals. Not sure if its unfinished work or what, but I hope the cartoon doesn't look like that. In the first trailer go to 22 seconds, that purple dragon looks horrible to me.

aDDicteD4034d ago

very nice, i like this and surely going to watch the series of this one when it comes