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Revealing Interview With The Avengers Extra David Goebel

CBM says

In this fascinating and lengthy interview with David Goebel (an extra on the set of The Avengers in Cleveland last Summer) we're taken through his amazing experiences and get plenty of new details about what exactly Joss Whedon and the cast were up to while filming those action packed scenes.

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Crazay4044d ago

hardly what I'd calla "revealing interview" but it sure sounds like lots of fun to be an extra in a big production.

Soldierone4043d ago

It doesn't really say anything about the movie, but what it is like to be an extra. To me I knew pretty much all of it.

The only thing is they make it seem like the director is a douch and won't "acknowledge" the extra's. It isn't his job. This is like setting up a set, its the assistant directors job to do this. You have to realize the director has about 50 people yelling in his ear, and 100 things to do. The less he has to do, the less people he has to talk to, the better. Of course he might come up and talk to you, he isn't mean.

Also as an extra never brag about being an extra lol especially to other actors.