Vague Details From The Avengers Upcoming Trailer

CBM says

Claiming to have been shown before a John Carter press screening, check out what's possibly the most memorable scene snippets from Marvel's The Avengers upcoming theatrical trailer.

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Crazay2606d ago

I like how this sounds. I think this summer is going to be very expensive for movie goers.

DarkBlood2606d ago

yeah thats about 6 dollars to take a bus there and back plus i'll be seeing this on cheap tuesday as usual so thats about 8 dollars that day

probably earlier since summertime they have more time slots in a single day compared to now to avoid the massive crowded theatre near nighttime since

i get a little uncomfortable with what seems to be everyone huddled up together in thier seperate seats getting to close to my face lol

so thats like
8 plus 6 = 14 times a couple movies would reach near 100 dollars for all the awsome kick ass films coming out around then including

Dark knight rises

and others i forgot lol of course i could use my scene points card to get free movie tickets instead but im saving those again incase i ever run into real tough times money wise

Crazay2606d ago

For us it's either an hour drive to the city to drop our kid off or find a local baby sitter. i dunno what those cost anymore. There's a few movies I need to see pretty well right away but some I'll try and wait until it's at the drive in. LOVE the drive-in

DarkBlood2605d ago

ah yeah i remember going to drive ins long time ago it was a difference experince especially being outside or in your car with the radio tuned into the movie which was pretty cool to me

i should try that sometime but its too bad most of the movies today are in 3D which i like but i doubt thier setup where i used to go would allow that plus the positions from veiwing the screen probably wouldnt work