Mad Men Unveils Season Five Poster

A year and half since the end of the fourth season, AMC's "Mad Men" is set to return in a special two-hour season premiere on Sunday, March 25th at 9pm ET/PT. To help promote the long-awaited return, the channel has just unveiled the below poster, depicting Jon Hamm's Don Draper facing his own reflection in a storefront window.

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Crazay4048d ago

This is a pretty cool poster.

Crazay4047d ago

Finally caught up with the series premiere last night and it was alright but I'm not sure that it's my cup of tea but will continue to push through at least 5 episodes before i make my final decision. I initially had trouble getting into Breaking Bad but now it's one of my all time favorites so who knows?

Paulh824047d ago

I admire your commitment. I give up on stuff within about twenty minutes lol. And yeah, that's a really cool poster.

JL4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I never could get into Breaking Bad. Tried a few episodes, it just never hooked me.

As for Mad Men, I think it's definitely one of those shows that you have to get invested before its appeal really sets in. Have to give it a few episodes to the point that you're invested in the story and have a connection with the characters. Once I got to that point, I loved it and I'm looking forward to the new season. But I definitely think it's not for everyone.

Crazay4047d ago

How many episodes did you go? It took me a few and then each episode got more and more interesting. I beg you to give it more time.

alycakes4047d ago

It is a cool poster...when I take pictures at a party or wedding that's one of my to take them of someone looking into a mirror where you can see the images looking for the show..never could get into this one. It's just a night time soap opera and I've never liked soap operas.

OSIRUSSS4047d ago

Every character in this show is despicable...well maybe not the head secretary.