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The Hunger Games vs Battle Royale: Similarities and Differences

Shock Till You Drop places a microscope over the cult genre hit Battle Royale and the smash book series The Hunger Games to look at the similarities and differences between the two properties.

While they may appear, on the surface, very much the same, there are distinct attributes that keep them at arm's length. Shock's Spencer Perry breaks it down.

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JL3400d ago

Nice read here for all those that keep drawing this parallel. Especially those that have that "Hunger Games is just a rip-off" mentality that is deterring them from want to see Hunger Games. Indeed the similarities between the two are very very limited.

aDDicteD3393d ago

the very concept of hunger games was taken in battle royale, which was also an entertaining movie. i think the hunger games will be the next harry potter/twilight saga in terms of blockbuster success.