The 5 Worst Moments Of The 2012 Academy Awards

CB says

OK last night we went positive, listing out the 5 Best Moments of the Oscars broadcast, celebrating the show for all the things it got right. But now, in the cold light of day, it's hard not to acknowledge that there were a number of things that just did not work out. From winners who might not have quite deserved it to bits that weren't funny to the truly baffling presence of record-shattering Razzie nominee Adam Sandler, many moments of the Oscars just left us scratching our heads and wondering how things went so wrong-- and that's without talking about Cirque du Soleil at all (I kind of liked it, actually).

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Crazay3404d ago

I'm shocked and appalled that Rise didn't win for that category. Those guys are wizards at their art form and were robbed.

aDDicteD3399d ago

same here i watched both hugo and apes and i think that apes should definitely win it for sure