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Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Star-Studded 9-Minute Trailer for 'Movie: The Movie'

The Collider:
Like it does every year, Jimmy Kimmel Live followed the Oscars with a bit that packed in every Hollywood actor they could find. This year, they poked fun at epic movies by creating Movie: The Movie and throwing in every genre possible. Of course, the premise of trying to sell a movie by overloading it with famous faces is absolutely ridiculous. Still, it’s an amusing way to try to start your Monday.

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alycakes4045d ago

This is really good and very funny. Jimmy Kimmel never fails to entertain. I think it's worth the time to watch. He always has the best show after the Oscars. I wasn't feeling well this weekend so I didn't watch it and now I wish I had.

alycakes4044d ago

Watched it's so funny.