Review The Walking Dead “18 Miles Out” Best Horror Movies

The Walking Dead Episdoe 10 ’18 Miles Out’ doesn’t sway far from the mold established over the last three or four episodes. There’s a bit more soap opera hooplah in store for viewers of this episode, but most of it unwinds in the earlier stages of the episode, and the testosterone driven aggression that slowly overtakes the scene pretty much negates any unnecessary, or, simply unwanted mushy-mush sensitivity; that certainly helps mask the shallow truth.

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Best-Horror-Movies4048d ago

Overall I really liked this episode, I just hope Shane leaves the group soon with Andrea.

eak34046d ago

Andrea is a straight up bitch anymore. I'm tired of her I'm the tough girl bit. Was nice to see Lori put her in her place a bit.

aDDicteD4045d ago

this episode was really good, hope every episode is action packed like this one.