Five Things BIlly Crystal Did Right at the Oscars

Globe and Mail says

Forget The Artist or Meryl Streep. The real Oscar winner is… Billy Crystal.

The most glowing Monday-morning accolades from last night’s 84th Academy Awards will be heaped upon the puckish Crystal, who returned to host the annual movie-industry fete following an eight-year absence.

Over a three-plus hour show consumed by cinema sentimantelism and hooray-for-Hollywood proselytizing, Crystal kept the show grounded with his wisecracks and comedy routines. On his ninth turn as Oscar host, Crystal probably ensured that he’ll be hosting the show for years to come.

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Crazay4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

I've always liked Billy Crystal and what he does at The Academy Awards(he's always a shining star in an otherwise dull show) however, I had no interest in watching last night. There just weren't enough movies that I cared about nominated to make me tune in. I do want to see Billy's highlights and will look for them on Youtube tonight.

alycakes4050d ago

I think he did a great job...some people don't like him but I think he always has this way of making it fun. The beginning was spectacular taking all the movies into his big entrance montage.

Crazay4050d ago

I think that was his original Schtick from when he did it the first time and it's almost expected now because it is usually so well done and alot of fun to see. I don't doubt that he was good though. I saw the Dictator thing on Seacrest and thought it was both funny but still in poor taste to a certain degree.

I'm not disappointed that I opted to tune out last night. Especially when I see the results.