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Oscar Winners: 2012 Academy Award Results

CB - Love the Oscars or hate them, it's hard to deny they're the biggest night of the year for movie fans, which is just one of the many reasons we'll be liveblogging every moment of them here at Cinema Blend tonight. Join us in the live chat box below starting at 7 pm EST, as we go over the red carpet fashions, the acceptance speeches, Billy Crystal's sketches, the award presented by Kermit and Miss Piggy, and of course, all of the big winners. Editor-in-chief Katey Rich and Movie News Editor Eric Eisenberg will be running the chat, so please chime in with comments letting us know what you think too! If you want to know who Katey is rooting for, check out her winner predictions here.

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Blink_443401d ago

I'm SO happy Brett won an academy award!

JL3401d ago

I guess you're referring to Bret McKenzie? Pretty sure that was a foregone conclusion really. That category was a real no-contest.

All in all, no big surprises here. I missed a few with my picks, but none were big surprises.

I guess the most surprising for me was that Hugo got Visual FX. Honestly, it probably did deserve the award, but I really figured Planet of the Apes or Harry Potter would take that as a consolation prize.

Blink_443401d ago

I guess I just forgot Brett wrote that song, so i was surprised when they announced his name.

alycakes3401d ago

I thought that too...never would have figured Hugo for that either.

JL3401d ago

Looking back, I think Hugo really did deserve the FX award, especially given the masterful use of 3D. However, given the political elements of the awards, I was just convinced that award would be a consolation prize for Serkis due to the fan campaign.

jbl3163400d ago

Yea go New Zealand lol. He also won some Grammy Awards a few years ago too!

2pacalypsenow3400d ago

as long as Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't have one these awards mean nothing to me

KingPin3400d ago

these awards means nothing to me at all.

i mean did you see the judging committee. its a bunch of old guys who are stuck in the 1920s.

ofcoz they gonna give a silent, black and white movie best movie award. it reminds them of their childhood.

i have watched the aviator, when it had something like 11 nominations. after 20 mins i walked out of pure boredom. life is too short to waste it on that.

2pacalypsenow3400d ago

i cant believe that a silent black and white movie took almost all the Oscars that proves how useless they are

The_Nameless_One3400d ago

So wait a minute...The Descendants over Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Rango over Chico & Rita?

I can't wait to see how Mark Kermode will respond to that. Plus, Seems like it's nor Clooney's year after all.

OSIRUSSS3400d ago

The Help was a terrible movie IMO.

aDDicteD3395d ago

rise of the planet of the apes should have won in best visual effects