Sacha Baron Cohen Punks Ryan Seacrest

Sacha Baron Cohen just strolled onto the Red Carpet wearing The Dictator‘s full military white uniform in character as General Alladeen from the Middle East Republic of Wadiya. Flanked by two gorgeous women in military mini-skirts, Baron Cohen appears to be holding a funereal urn. (Maybe containing the ashes of the Academy’s integrity?) Ryan Seacrest of E! played along and addressed Baron Cohen as “Dictator” to which sacha responded, “Hello. Death to the West!”

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alycakes4049d ago

I saw this and it was clear that it wasn't planned. It is clear why the Acadamy didn't want him to show up as the Dictator. He can get on your last nerve....

Abdou234049d ago

This guy has deeply hatred against The Middle East.

JL4049d ago

Really? I don't know where you get that. Sounds like a very unfounded claim to me. You can't go by this character since you haven't even seen the movie to see what he does.

If you're trying to base this off of Borat, then I don't think you got the meaning of that movie at all. He wasn't at all making fun of Middle Easterners with that movie. He was making fun of Americans.

You do realize he is of Middle Eastern descent himself right. He's half Israeli. He even has family in the Middle East.

Abdou234049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

"You do realize he is of Middle Eastern descent himself right. He's half Israeli. He even has family in the Middle East."

Exactly my point,Maybe i was too general by saying Middle East. let's just leave it there.

JL4049d ago

Umm...that says nothing. Again, I've seen him do nothing that symbolizes any hatred towards Middle Easterners. All his characters poke fun at other nationalities and cultures.

And yea yea, I see that seemingly your point is that his hatred is basically the same as Hitler (hating his own people blah blah), but again you have no evidence to support that. Rather it appears you're just looking at the surface of his characters and not paying attention to the deeper meaning, and possibly haven't even watched his stuff.

Abdou234049d ago

Actually you got it quit the opposite,Israel is in the middle east geographically but politically it's really not.There is a huge tension between Israel and the other countries in the area and you would know that if you watch more news.So my point is focusing on the cultures of those countries and making fun of them from such a guy can raise up some questions.

JL4049d ago

But, again, I have never seen him make fun of the Middle East. Even his characters are just used as caricatures to poke fun at stereotypes.

JL4049d ago

I like Cohen, but I think it was stupid that AMPAS allowed him to do this. Stupid stunts like this just further damage the integrity of the Oscars (like they need more help with that right now).

Not only that, but this kinda sets precedent. Now they've pretty much open the door for others to do stupid stunts. And on top of that, they've opened the door for future movie promotion. This just leaves room for people to bring in bigger circus acts and also to turn the ceremony into a big promotional event for upcoming movies rather than honoring the past movies.

Now, I don't have a problem with an event being "fun" and "circus-y" like that, but the Oscars isn't the one for that. We already have awards events for that (MTV, Fan's Choice, etc). Oscars need to remain with (and regain) a status of prestige and 'classy'.

alycakes4049d ago

That was the point I was making JL....this is no place for is a night of celebration and it's suppose to be done with class and some dignity not a time for pranks like that. There was nothing mentioned or said about anything else.

OSIRUSSS4048d ago

I thought is was way funny. This wasn't the actual show, it was some overdone E network Bullcrap.Secrest need to be taken down a peg or 2.