Ridley Scott On Guy Pearce’s Role In Prometheus And How He Links The Film To Alien

Bleeding Cool - I don’t know what IC Press is, but it appears to be a version of the AP that serves Hungary. Several websites over there have passed on the same Ridley Scott quote in the last couple of days, all crediting it to this same source.

And now it’s going international. It’s a juicy quote – it would do, even if the IC Press doesn’t exist and we’re all being had by a Hungarian bloggers conspiracy.

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alycakes4042d ago

I'm glad that he's going to be in this movie...He really hasn't done that many movies up until lately. I think he's back though and I hope he picks great roles like I think this character is.

wh0am14041d ago

love Guy Pearce in Memento
a very underrated actor

asmith23064041d ago

Being a huge Alien fan, I really hope that this movie is great. So many let downs.. since Alien 3!! Its been to long.

aDDicteD4037d ago

so the only connection between prometheus and alien is guy pearce's character...i hope there is more than that.