Josh Lucas on 'The Firm'

CO - We usually hear anecdotes about actors researching the profession of their latest character, but Josh Lucas told the Television Critics Association that he served on a jury for a murder trial before taking the role on NBC’s "The Firm." He also said that he embraced Tom Cruise’s portrayal of John Grisham’s lawyer Mitch McDeere, so those were two things I wanted to follow up with Lucas about. Lucas plays Mitch McDeere after10 years in witness protection, when the old firm comes after him again.

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alycakes4050d ago

I haven't been able to keep up with this but I'm going to go back and try to watch all the episodes since it's on NBC on my cable FREE Primtime I can see NBC and ABC shows and catch up. I started watching it the first two episodes and I liked it but it comes out on the wrong night when all my other shows are on and i'm already recording other shows's just too much.