New Hunger Games Still Shows Donald Sutherland As President Snow

CB - Any great story of good versus evil needs its villain, and while The Hunger Games will see young Katniss going up against a variety of other tributes as she attempts to survive the games and make it out of the arena alive, the true villain of Suzanne Collins’ story is the oppressive government, the Capitol, and its leader, President Snow.

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JL4051d ago

The more I hear about this and see, the more I really do want to watch this and I'm getting more excited about seeing it.

alycakes4050d ago

I think it's contagious...I get so excited everytime my husband finds something new online about it and calls me to see matter how small.

I'm ready but I may have to read the second book again before the second movie so I can remember again it's so detailed and intense and stressful too.