Jeffrey Dean Morgan Would Consider Playing the Comedian Again in “Before Watchmen”

The actor tells IFC the "right people" would need to be involved.

When DC Comics announced that they’d be working on “Watchmen” prequels entitled “Before Watchmen,” it brought mixed responses from comic book fans. Alan Moore’s original series has stood on its own for more than three decades, so it seems strange to tinker with that formula now.

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alycakes2613d ago

I just love Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He can do funny and he can do drama and either way he gets to you when he does it. I know he's been around for a while but I first noticed him on Supernatural and have been keeping up with him since then....I just want him to keep making movies or come back to tv.

OSIRUSSS2611d ago

Agreed, he is highly underrated.

aDDicteD2604d ago

watchmen is one of the the most underrated comic book movies that came out. i hope their will be a prequel/sequel because i enjoyed this movie a lot. it was a accurate graphic novel.