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The Daily Rotation - Goon Review

Sean of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Goon, the latest film to hit the VOD market 5 weeks before its limited theatrical run via Magnet Releasing, is so much more than any of the trailers would lead you to believe. A hard edged, violent hockey comedy, it turns out to be one of Seann William Scott‘s better roles. Sure, he plays a hard headed Massachusetts bouncer turned semi-pro hockey player who gets his shot at minor league fame, but he does so completely outside his usual oeuvre, showing that he’s not full of only completely moronic characters. Not to say that Doug “The Thug” Glatt (Scott) is a traditionally smart fellow, but he has his talents and his principals."

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JL4041d ago

I don't care what anyone says, I actually like Seann William Scott.

Definitely interested in checking this out, though. Didn't know it was already on VOD, so might have to watch it On Demand or Vudu.

I'll also be interested in seeing how this and Kevin Smith's 'Hit Somebody' compare.

MinimeJer054040d ago

I've always liked Seann William Scott. Never understood why he always got such a bad rap.

Soldierone4040d ago

I keep thinking this is Kevin Smith's, either way I love hockey so I'll be seeing both ;P