New Game of Thrones Trailer Is Pure Awesomeness

CBM says

The latest Game of Thrones trailer from HBO gives viewers there best look yet at Season 2 of the hit medieval fantasy drama. We're in store for more fighting, backstabbing, dragons and Tyrion Lannister when the second season debuts April 1st.

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Crazay2613d ago

This is yet another show i've never seen but know i have to.

JL2612d ago

I haven't seen it either, though I've heard good things and have a couple friends that recommend I watch it.

Maybe if it ever gets put on Netflix streaming.

Crazay2612d ago

I actually caught the tail end of an episode over the weekend and it seemed pretty freaking cool. There was some chick that was part of a ceremony and she started eating a heart while Jason Mamoa and a bunch of other people were watching. Was pretty grotesque looking but it definitely piqued my interest more.