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Act of Valor (2012) - Popzara Movie Review

A reprehensible movie born of a reprehensible purpose; exploitation not just by Hollywood for the sake of entertainment, but also by our government for the sake of propaganda.

Full review by Chris Pandolfi.

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Soldierone3402d ago

Dont understand why every war movie gets the "propaganda" hate in some way. The movie is about real heroes that live every day like it could be their last, like the person next to them is their brother. Why can't we just respect that? It didn't even bring politics into it at all....

SantistaUSA3401d ago

Well some people will always hate and/or say negative things no matter what! I just watched the movie this afternoon, and it was awesome! Badass movie!

Soldierone3401d ago

It really was. It was so awesome how they put real tactics into a Hollywood story. Were some things a bit too far with how they talked? Yeah and anyone that criticizes that I will agree with, but this whole "propaganda" and "military advertising" BS is stupid.

So what, take their uniforms off, and make it another lame action flick about a mercenary group (The A-Team) and it's all fine and dandy?

I mean this movie had like 4 mission that lead into one thing, several moments that could have very easily been extremely stereotypical that were not, and a story that makes you want to cry by being both happy and sad. I really loved how it was filmed, it was done so well, even the first person shots were done well and that surprised me.

JL3401d ago

That is the biggest complaint I have hard from those talking crap about this movie: that it's like a recruitment video full of propaganda. Honestly, I think that's kind of a cheap cop-out for critical examination.

Those that I know who get past that and have seen this say it's really enjoyable. I've had multiple tell me that it's like a Modern Warfare game-turned-movie. They say there's definitely flaws, but as an action flick it's pretty damn fun and the SEALs really do bring a level of badassery that makes it even cooler to watch.

Downtown boogey3401d ago

Except that MW as a movie would be utter shit.

JL3401d ago

Oh I agree. They've just said that speaking in general terms to put it in perspective.

Soldierone3400d ago

Yeah, don't get all my praise wrong. This movie had flaws. I mean there is a reason movies use actual actors, because beyond when they were in missions, the SEALS were a bit dull. Some of the scripting could use work, etc...

But I didn't see it for that, I saw it because they advertised a "Movie experience like no other" and I got just that. It was the most authentic war film I've ever seen.

About the video games, I see that too. There was one or two scenes when I turned to my friend and I was like "that is almost like it was right out of Battlefield 3, thats so awesome"

I just can't stand the people jumping to "its propaganda to join the seals." 1 SEALS are the hardest branch to join in the military. 2 Everyone already wants to be a SEAL why do they need to recruit people? 3 Not once did it advertise politics or anything. It simply put REAL SEALS into an action movie with REAL authentic motives. Like I said if this is propaganda to anyone then take out the Seals and put in The Rock, Bruce Lee, or whoever your favorite action star is and call it The A Team....

My personal problem is I am a HUGE supporter of our troops, and I felt that this movie was a great dedication to them. Ruining it with politics annoys me, people are missing the point. These guys go out there, save your arse, and could die doing it. If none of these guys stepped up all those bomb suits would have walked right into our country.

MinimeJer053401d ago

Even if you ignore the shameless promotion for the SEALS, the movie still fails to be entertaining due to the HORRIBLE one-dimensional villains that they cast, with the lamest of stereotypes.

I'm sorry, but if you want to make a MOVIE then you're film is going to get judged just like the rest of them, regardless on the fact that it stars non-actors.