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FEARnet Reviews 'Gone'

FEARnet: As far as cinematic storytelling goes, there is abstract, there is complicated, and there is simple.

And then there are movies like Gone, which fall well below simple. It's so basic, dumb, and generic that I have to simply cock an eyebrow and wonder who the hell green-lights movies over at Summit these days. The only people who could find anything to enjoy about the wholly moronic kidnapping thriller Gone are the friends, family members, and employees of luminous leading lady Amanda Seyfried. Written in a stunningly slipshod fashion, and directed with all the grace of a 1972 Canadian TV movie, Gone feels like it was slapped together over two weeks in an effort to close out Amanda Seyfried's contract in quick and inexpensive fashion. And despite her stunning beauty, Gone will do very little to elevate Ms. Seyfried into leading lady territory.

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