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'Act of Valor': Just How Realistic Is This Navy Seal Movie?

EW - The truth is, I have absolutely no idea how authentic the new Navy SEALs-based film Act of Valor is. Like many people, I have never been a SEAL, or a Marine, or even a particularly good Call of Duty player. The closest I have ever come to serving in the armed forces was a year in Cub Scouts, during which I actually earned a badge for learning how to tie a neck tie. So forgive me if I don’t pretend to judge whether this film — a fictional story starring genuine, active-duty SEALs — is a realistic depiction of the lives of some of the military’s most elite operators. But talking to the movie’s directors, former stuntmen Mike “Mouse” McCoy and Scott Waugh, it certainly sounds like Valor captures the way modern SEALs work. Below, the directors talk about why they cast real SEALs in the starring roles, how they made the action feel so convincing, and why they couldn’t always get everything exactly right.

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alycakes3399d ago

I was listening to a report on tv the other day about this movie and they were talking to a commander of a real Seal team and he was saying that what the movie was showing was very real....about as close to real as it could get without giving away all their covert secrets....that was the catch...they couldn't show a lot of things because it would give away some of their tactical moves and such to anyone that would see the movie so they changed up some things for the movie but still made it as real as possible.

I thought that was pretty interesting.

Soldierone3399d ago

Well they did do a lot of the communication as real as possible and a lot of the movements were real too. i thought it was a bit obvious some things were fake, and some things were also "Hollywood" style to make it a bit more intense.

However a clear cut way to see it, watch this then go watch another war movie. You will see how authentic it is and it's what made it so awesome to me.

Soldierone3399d ago

I think the whole sniper on every mission really opened people's eyes lol. Hiding in the mountains in stuff ,they pulled that move about 3 times and everyone in the theater enjoyed it every single time.