Former Chicago Police Officer Sues Universal Over 'Safe House'

The more outlandish the plot, the more identifiable it becomes to conspiracy theorists.

Former Chicago police officer Marty Christopher Lawson is attempting to get an injunction to stop Universal from further distributing the hit film Safe House.

Why? The former cop, who says he was forced to retire under duress, says the plot, characters, theme, etc. of the film were ripped from his book, Truth or Treason, as well as a series of videos he posted on YouTube.

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MinimeJer054050d ago

People will do anything for a quick buck.

DarkBlood4050d ago

yeah over youtube videos? i dont think so buddy, last i check *not really* is he does not hold movie rights to his book if in fact was ripped, but seriously plenty out there that has similar stories so

this is going down the toliet for him good sir

alycakes4050d ago

I agree...I don't think he's going to be able to win this one. It takes a lot to really hold up to these type of allegations. There could be a million stories out there written that have a lot of the same similarities.