New ‘Avengers’ Images: Superheroes United & Angry Hulk

Screenrant says

Marvel has already hooked steadfast comic book fans to go and see Joss Whedon’s The Avengers when it hits theaters this May. Of course, that doesn’t mean the studio is planning to slow down on the promotional campaign for this superhero movie juggernaut, which is estimated to have cost twice as much to produce as previous Marvel-backed flicks – and will (to some degree) determine the company’s forthcoming film slate, depending on how successful it manages to be at the box office.

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DarkBlood2615d ago

wow the muscles look ..... human guess i shouldnt be suprized considering what they are aiming for this hulk lol

Crazay2615d ago

he looks much thicker than the Hulk from the last movie. H seemed a little more slender and lean to me in the last movie.

Soldierone2615d ago

Personally liked that look more. Not only that the "down to earth" route Marvel is taking would make that make more sense too.

rataranian2614d ago

Please, just stop with these Hulk movies. C'mon now.