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Is too much of a good thing bad for your health? If that's the case, Justified is the most dangerous show on the planet. Nothing gets the juices flowing like a good old fashioned showdown between two seasoned foes, and judging from the events that occurred on "When The Guns Come Out", Boyd Crowder & Robert Quarles are one step away from an all-out war. The writers have sewed the seeds of awesomeness over the first five episodes of this season and now, the groundwork has finally paid off. Season three has officially entered into hostile territory, for characters on both sides of the law. To say that Raylan Givens is in the middle of a shitstorm of galactic proportions, would be an understatement.

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alycakes3015d ago

They have that one right as rain. I wasn't sure they could top last season but they are on their way. There is just something about this show that makes you not be able to stop watching. You just don't know from week to week who is going to do what. The end of this last Tuesday left me laughing about that little thing called evidence in the evidence locker and what really happened to it. Someone got a nice retirement plan.