The Actors & Actresses Who Should Have Been Nominated For Oscars In 2012

The Playlist - The Oscars are so close that we can already smell the fresh-ironed shirts, the mascara wiped away by thwarted nominees, and the post-Governor's Ball vomit, but our preparation coverage continues. Yesterday we picked out the directors, cinematographers and other below-the-line titles that we thought deserved to be sitting in the Kodak Theater on Monday, but somehow missed out.

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alycakes2613d ago

Woody Harrelson for sure on Rampart and Tilda Swinton also in her movie. She a great actress...a little strange but a great actress,.

MinimeJer052613d ago

EXCELLENT LIST. Thanks for this post. Makes me even more mad at the Oscars.

aDDicteD2607d ago

Albert Brooks should have been nominated as best supporting actor. i watched the movie drive and he made a very witty villain. he desrves to at least get nominated.