Infinite Ammo Review: Chronicle

Infinite Ammo writes:
While not the best, this is as much a superhero movie as any Marvel or DC movie that has ever come out. It truly shines in that light, because while the narrative is strong, the technical beauty of the visuals will be just as enticing as the story. Watching the boys hone their powers, go through delight and despair, find levity and face consequences, made me realize that Chronicle is as much an origin story as any superhero’s or villain’s we’ve ever seen. Chronicle excels in the “superheroes in the real world” department far more than Hancock or Heroes ever did, especially because it progresses from such a small and personal tale to an ending so grand that you can’t help but wish for a sequel (and then secretly wish against it for the sake of the first movie). By the end I was truly immersed in this world and found myself actually wondering “What happens next?”

If the Chinese Zodiac was rewritten through the lens of Hollywood trends, this would definitely be the year of the Superhero. As a writer, reader, and moviegoer, and especially as a comic book fan, I’m telling you: go watch this movie, especially if you’re looking to whet your appetite for the bigger comic book movies coming out this year. It’ll go down far better than Ghost Rider and it may even color your opinion on the “real world superheroes” film genre in a way you didn’t think it could.

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