CBS Films Taps Jeffrey Nachmanoff To Helm Vince Flynns 'American Assassin'

Ed Zwick is out and Jeffrey Nachmanoff is in as director of American Assassin, the adaptation of the Vince Flynn novel that CBS Films hopes will launch a film franchise based on CIA agent Mitch Rapp. Zwick came aboard last summer after CBS Films, which bought rights to Flynn’s novels several years ago, refocused its attention on American Assassin. While that is the 11th book in the series, it was a prequel that explained how tragedy transformed the protagonist from a college scholar and athlete into a ruthless hunter of terrorists for the CIA.

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alycakes2613d ago

These books actually sound good. I should pick one up and read it but that would mean I'd have to start from the beginning and this one is the 11th so I don't think I'll go that far. I do like to read.