LRA: The Secret World of Arrietty - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I am horrible at explaining myself when it comes to a Studio Ghibli (pronounced Jey-Blee) production. I think my love for the inexplicably flawless animation studio comes from the persistently beautiful 2D hand drawn animation mixed with lovable characters and fully realized worlds that are filled will all sorts of wonders instilled into all their work. Their films always appear to have the simplest of tales yet they are almost always overflowing with imaginative touches and indelible characters that seem to elude just about every other animated studio out there (Pixar not withstanding). Yes, that is including even the almighty Walt Disney Studios. You see, Ghibli has yet to stumble in my opinion. Even what some might consider to be some of their more standard offerings leave an ever lasting impression and other than Pixar, Disney has all but lost the touch they once had.

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