NfamousGamers - This Means War Review

Arcee "Simply put, I don’t like the movie, but I don’t dislike it either. It kind of falls in the middle of what I find entertaining and what I do not. So that kind of leaves the movie in this kind of limbo according to my taste."

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alycakes4045d ago

Well Arcee...the reason you liked the movie is the only reason I would even see the movie. I would never go see this movie because I wanted to see a romantic comedy. The first time I saw the trailer the only thing that appealed to me was the interaction between the two guys and their crazy stuff and action scenes....I would go see it as an action comedy and that is all it would be to me.

Arcee4045d ago

Believe you me, I didn't want to see this either way. But it was my wife's choice and... let's just say she lost her next movie choice privileges because of it.

alycakes4045d ago

My husband and I used to do this....we alternated weekends. One weekend he would do the driving and the deciding of where we went to eat or what we would do for fun...all the decisions were his and I had to go along with it. The next was my turn and if I didn't like the weekend he gave me he would pay for it by the movie I picked because he hates going to the movies. For the most part it always worked out and we hardly ever fought or argued about anything.

Arcee4044d ago

She usually lets me pick most of the films, but because this was our late Valentine's night out and she hadn't wanted to see one in a while, she thought this would be good. She usually does pretty good as well. Just this movie... I knew something was wrong when I saw McG's name attached to it.