New The Amazing Spider-Man Promo Image

CBM says

Nothing particularly exciting here, but check out a new "extreme close-up" promo pic for Marc Webb's upcoming reboot. Updated: with some TASM and Avengers stickers.

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darklordzor4045d ago

Wow, this picture does absolutely nothing for me. In fact, it kind of hurts my eyes to look at. Poor design choice for this with the background.

Crazay4045d ago

I was thinking the EXACT same thing when i saw this. What the hell were they thinking?

Soldierone4045d ago

Lmao I thought this was for the cartoon....whoever designed this needs to stay as an intern for a little longer :P

However what the hell did he make his suit out of that makes it sparkle?

DarkBlood4044d ago

hmmm i like it , well the red n stuff anyways considering it being my favourite color beside black

aDDicteD4038d ago

dont like it plus the background