Photo: Who is This Masked Stranger from The Cabin in the Woods?

When it comes to The Cabin in the Woods, Shock Till You Drop would prefer to keep theirs mouth shut and let you discover the film when it opens on April 13th. Alas, photos will leak out and Shock wouldn't be doing its job if it didn't share them with you.

A new pic is going to hit the cover of Fangoria magazine, revealing one of the film's many characters. Friend? Foe? Again, they don't want to say any more.

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alycakes4051d ago

Well, I want to know because that trailer is so very weird! I don't understand it at all. Yes it's a little like all other stories about some young adults going off to some place in the woods that no one knows about and getting hurt or even killed or brutelized by others but there is a lot more going on that just that...there is something else beneath it all even more questionable going on and I want to know what it is.