Darth Maul Makes a 'Star Wars' Comeback in 'Clone Wars'

USA Today says

Get ready, Darth Maul fans: Your favorite Sith lord's return is imminent.

Long thought deceased, the horned villain makes his triumphant re-entry to the Star Wars universe in the March 9 episode of the Cartoon Network animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars (airing at 8 ET/PT Fridays). It's part of an epic four-part season finale that begins Friday, as Count Dooku aims to destroy his former assassin Asajj Ventress and the Dathomirian witches known as the Nightsisters.

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Crazay3334d ago

This looks pretty bad ass actually.

darklordzor3333d ago

Yeah this trailer is freaking amazing and makes his return look incredibly awesome. I'm also glad to hear that Filoni isn't planning on wasting him after all the effort they went through to bring him back.

Crazay3333d ago

I haven't even seen a single episode of this show but this makes me want to tune in. Looks to me like they're going about this in all the right ways.

darklordzor3333d ago

You should really give the show a try. The first season was a little...rough. It was definitely kid focused and held little for the older crowd. The last few seasons though have been amazing, and this season in particular I've started to wonder if it's even in part for the kiddos anymore.

Crazay3333d ago

I'd actually like to see Darth Maul as a main enemy in the new supposedly in development Star Wars TV show. That would be wicked awesome!

gaden_malak3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )


Dooku, Maul, Savage, Ventress, Nightsisters, Kenobi, Windu, Yoda

Gonna be an epic quadrilogy.