The Rock May Play Hercules For Brett Ratner

Cinemablend says

Without the burden of producing the Oscars this weekend, Brett Ratner has the time to start picking out other projects-- presumably ones that are perfectly fine with a director who thinks rehearsal is for fags. In the glory days before Ratner was largely known for sticking his foot in his mouth, the director was looking to jump on board a new Hercules movie over at MGM, actually an adaptation of the comic Hercules: The Thracian Wars. With Wrath of the Titans coming in a few weeks, sword and sandals are apparently still in style, and Ratner may have found pretty much the only actor who's both right for the role and capable of making this into its own franchise.

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darklordzor4046d ago

This sounds horrible. Don't get me wrong, I'm actually a fan of The Rock's long as he's in the right scenario. I think he has done a great job as an actor, but I don't think working with Ratner is going to bring out his best work either.

Crazay4046d ago

Ratner is something of a popcorn flick kinda guy. I like the Rock too but he's had some challenging decisions that haven't helped him. i think that he needs to be in more of a harder edge sort of role and I'm not sure Ratner is the best director for him either.

Paulh824045d ago

A part of me cannot believe how stupid a choice that would be, if it's true. love the rock but as Hercules. . . nooooo

Crazay4045d ago

What makes the rock such a bad choice in your opinion?

Paulh824044d ago

Actually I overstated that big time. Rock will of course make a very good but plastic hercules, which is you want fluff then fine, I just get annoyed with the amount of movies that have 0 depth.

Also, whilst I am a big fan of The Rock, he is just a personality actor and not capable of much more. problem with that is that Hercules is not his personality.