The Directors, Cinematographers & More Who Should've Been Nominated For Oscars In 2012

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We're just a few days away from the Oscars, and it's not long before we find out who are going to be the big winners and losers. But at this time of year, it's important not to forget those who slipped through the cracks: there were films released in 2011 that weren't "The Artist," after all.

As we've discussed many times in the past, the Oscars are not necessarily decided on merit. Politics, lack of momentum, no one seeing your film -- all these elements can into a seemingly deserving person, getting overlooked by the Academy. As part of our continuing coverage in the run up to Sunday night, we've picked out ten below-the-line (e.g. directing, writing and technical categories) nods that, while not necessarily more deserving than those who ended up with nominations, deserved to have been in the conversation more. And keep your eyes peeled: a little later, we'll have ten more from the acting categories.

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alycakes2611d ago

I didn't see all of these but the ones I did see...I really can't argue with. I think they do deserve more acknowledgement than they got. Sometimes just one movie will dominate the whole award season and it just doesn't make sense to me especially when one doesn't agree with that choice. That being said it's not like I'm an expert or anything but I still have my opinion.

CPO2611d ago

We totally agree with you about the domination thing, to a point!! Cryptic eh!
Anyways, occasionally there is a movie just so much better than everything else out there that deserves a whack of Oscars. But most of the times that a movie wins more than say 3 or 4 awards, it just can't seem possible based on the movie. We aren't going to name names, but you probably know what we mean.