Amazing Spider-Man Makes His Mark In New York

MTV News joins Spidey supporters to spread the friendly neighborhood web-slinger's insignia all across Manhattan.

Spider-Man needs support. Sure, he's better off than most: Spinning webs and climbing walls does have its perks. But a strong superhero is nothing without a strong base of supporters championing his every move — something that isn't exactly easy for Spidey to accomplish with the Daily Bugle painting him as a menace on every other front page.

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alycakes4046d ago

All your superheros have their loyal followers. I think this is a neat video of a cool idea.

Soldierone4045d ago

Lol how he keeps using Spider-Man names to say why you should support him

alycakes4044d ago

Yeah, they are saying it a lot...but more power to them. They're out there in the cold getting the word out.