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Player Affinity's Ali McIntyre writes: I mentioned last week that the end to The Walking Dead’s mid-season premiere was a much welcomed change of pace after an episode largely filled with slow and incoherent decision making by our main characters. The show switched from a philosophical debate into a tense action-drama with the flick of a switch and as far as I can tell, just about everyone agrees that it worked pretty darn well. Despite a firm belief that scenes like that are the very thing that are going to make or break episodes on occasion, in my mind, that isn’t really a cue for the show to turn on the dime and become a shoot ‘em up. While there was perhaps more blood spilled this week than on any other in the show’s short history, it seems that the writers agree as well.

Using last weeks final minutes as a foundation, “Triggerfinger” did its level best to strike the perfect balance between talking and shooting that I for one have been waiting for. The story was split into a few segments, but for the most part, we were concerned with how Rick, Glenn and Herschel were going to get themselves out of a tight spot. After being backed into a corner by two strangers, Rick was forced to kill very much alive people for the first time in the show; something that most importantly seems set to define his character in the long-run, but still had very significant short-term consequences. It seems that unlike our group, other survivors of the zombie apocalypse move in packs slightly larger than two.

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