Best Movies About Drugs & Addiction Ever takes a look at some of the most realistic and most influential movies about drugs and addiction to have ever graced the cinema screen.

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JL2611d ago

I like the inclusion of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas here. It kinda sets itself apart from all the others in that it's not a "dangers of drugs and addiction" type movie. Rather it's just a "it just is what it is" type of deal.

I'm very glad to see Requiem for a Dream at the top. I thought that movie was an eerie look at addiction. It's just so raw and unapologetic that it makes my skin crawl. Ellen Burstyn was amazing.

Paulh822610d ago

Yah, I know what you mean on both counts. Fear and Loathing is just an amazing film and TBH I don't think any list of drug movies, (or even rug movies for that matter ;) could be complete without it.

As for Requiem; I still get a bitter taste in my mouth every time I think about that film. It was shocking, but unlike most movies it was shocking with a very genuine and important reason.

Thanks for your feedback.

Paulh822610d ago

I forgot it was Crazay who pointed out my "rugs" typo. Ignore that part of my comment, JL.

milesofsmiles2610d ago

Ummm spun? Should have at least been number 2

Genki2610d ago

Requiem for a Dream isn't a surprise; it's the quintessential addiction movie. Traffic was another good one.