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Aisle Say - How to Fix the Oscars

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No-one is every happy with the Oscars. For all their yearly attempts to shake things up, to improve the way their prizes are bestowed they never seem to get to the core of the problem. Quite simply they’re reactive not pro-active. The Dark Knight & Wall-E don’t get in? Expand the field to Ten. 4 Weeks, 3 Months, 2 Days doesn’t get in for Foreign Language Film? Implement an executive committee to ensure similar oversights don’t happen in the future. Not enough young people watching the ceremony? Hire James Franco & Anne Hathaway as hosts. No-one liked James Franco & Anne Hathaway’s attempt at performance art and Eddie Murphy shits the bed? Get Billy Crystal back.

Every decision is made to fix the short term game, and no-one’s thinking about the long con. The closest it gets is the annual discussion to move the Oscar Ceremony closer to the end of the calendar year which never amounts to anything. The reasoning being that they 6,000 odd Academy voters won’t have time to watch all the films to fairly distribute their vote, heavily insinuating the problem really is the way the season’s played by the studios. In order to remain fresh in the voter’s minds, the studios stockpile their product into the last couple of months of the year… occasionally releasing them only in one screen for a week to qualify before rolling them out in the new year (see: Rampart, We Need to Talk About Kevin).

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Crazay3398d ago

There's nothing that can fix the Oscars. Every year it's the same old boring crap year after year.