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Mainstream Monday: Re-Animated Romances

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If you’re familiar with Hollywood (and if you’re not, why are you reading this?), you know it can be a very morbid place. Among its many macabre fascinations is the “undead”. Recently this most often takes the form of zombies or little Japanese girl ghosts, created to make you scream. These films are more suited for darker times, of course, but who says Halloween gets to have all the fun? Why can’t we have a little bonding with ‘the beyond’ during this season of love? If you’ve got an affinity for the afterlife, look no further, Mainstream Monday has you covered! I’ve done the impossible and gathered a list of films that prove ghosts (and a few not-so-dead and buried characters) can still be romantic in a way that’s almost not gross! It also reminds us that ghosts aren’t the best at letting go. The characters in the films below all experienced a romance that refused to let them go, even from the other side of the grave. Proceed, if you dare!

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alycakes3398d ago

I think the ones that touch me the most are the ones like Phantom of the Opera, Return to Me, Inception, and even Meet Joe Black. Those were heart wrenching loves that really were difficult to let go of.

I was always crying at the end of Phantom wishing there was a way to stay with him because he was in so much pain..I actually felt bad for him.