Building a Better TMNT Movie

IGN - It's been at least 20 years since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hit the peak of their popularity. But all signs are pointing to a big TMNT revival in the coming months and years. IDW has already launched a new line of comics. Nickelodeon will soon start airing a new animated series. And as we learned last week, a director has been hired to helm the next live-action film.

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alycakes4043d ago

I liked the movies that they made back then. They were fun to watch. They were cute and funny and had some good fight scenes in them too. I don't exactly know what they have in mind when they make another one now but I just want them to be as entertaining as they were and of course they have much better technology so I'm sure they'll be using a lot more of that to make the film better.

aDDicteD4036d ago

The First TMNT movie was an instant classic, the sequel was a notch down but still entertaining enough to hold its own. the third was non existent and the fourth lacked substantial plot. i hope they make a fine remake of the movie because TMNT has very good villains to choose from aside from shredder and a lot of supporting cast to include. if they can make it good once again they can make another trilogy. i just hope they can make a strong gritty script.