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Buffy Producer Doing New Home Alone Movie

Moviehole says

So much for those rumours placing Macaulay Culkin back in the McAllister household (in a sequel to the original “Home Alone” that would’ve had the filthy rich former child star play father to a mischievous youngster like the one he played in Chris Columbus’s original; still, never know, it could happen. Did anyone think a fourth “American Pie” would happen, with the original cast, after all those direct-to-video spin-off movies!?). The next “Home Alone” won’t be a big screen venture with any original players (and likely no Wet Bandit).

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DarkBlood3404d ago

so they were originally planning to ingore all the sequals that came out after the original in favour of making a direct sequal to the first?

Crazay3404d ago

That's how it looks but it's going to be a made for TV movie.

DarkBlood3404d ago

is there any profit in that? i mean its not something that would get me to subscribe to a channel as any broadcasting company would pay any money to them

if that makes any sense

Crazay3404d ago

I'm sure there's money to be made and aired ABC Family otherwise they wouldn't have it. Is it enough to make me subscribe? Not at all but I'm sure that channel is a part of lots of different family programming packages.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3404d ago

First of all, an episode of Bones was used as a Backdoor pilot for the Finder. Look up Angel, Frasier, Torchwood, and Joanie Loves Chachi for examples of a proper spinoff.

Second, proofread, or better yet, learn proper spelling and grammar. This is the second article I've read on Moviehole and it's the second article I've read that was riddled with errors.

Spellchecking and fact checking are your friends. Is it cool to be stupid or something?