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Two TV Spots For 'The Hunger Games'

Coming Soon:

Lionsgate has started airing two new TV spots for The Hunger Games which you can watch using the players below! The official site for the film has also been updated with new character photos. You can view them by heading to the 'Cast & Crew" section.

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alycakes3406d ago

And finally the TV spots. We know it's right around the corner. I'm glad it's almost here too.

DarkBlood3404d ago

i got the whole day reserved on monday dedicated to reading the entire book *which i havent yet lol* from start to finish before going to seeing the movie on cheap tuesday

this way the book will be fresh in my mind in conjunction with the movie i hope lol

alycakes3404d ago

The books are good and once you start you can't stop although the first and second have cliff hangers so you'll want to read the next just can't help yourself.

DarkBlood3404d ago

ihave a feeling there might be some sort of extra scene just briefly after some end credits dont u think so too?

alycakes3404d ago

Probably since there will be another movie.

aDDicteD3396d ago

going to watch this one for sure