Community Returns To NBC On March 15th

The wait is finally over. Series creator Dan Harmon has announced the return date for Community and it is going to be Thursday, March 15th.

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TrendyGamers2484d ago

This news is so great! I can't wait to watch new episodes.

alycakes2484d ago

I always knew it would come back. I think the network was just having some problems with scheduling or something else.

TrendyGamers2484d ago

Yeah, NBC had too many shows and Community was the unlucky one that got moved.

alycakes2484d ago

Sometimes when you move a show it does them more harm than good. Some of the hour dramas need to be moved to get more viewers but the sitcoms should all be one after the other on one night because they've always worked better that way.

TrendyGamers2483d ago

Now we just have to hope that it gets renewed for season 4.

dvfaa2483d ago

and 5 and 6 and a movie :D

r212483d ago

yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love this show :D