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Spartacus: Vengeance - Empty Hands Review | Player Affinity

Player Affinity's Arjun M. Bhat writes: I'm not entirely sure whether it's a good sign for Spartacus: Vengeance if we seem to care more about the supporting cast than the main character. But in the latest episode "Empty Hands", that's exactly what happened. In an obviously unintentional move, the writers created a situation where I didn't give a crap about what would happen to Spartacus or Naevia. There were more important developments happening in Capua, and Spartacus' struggle to survive in the woods just didn't seem to matter. A lot of plotting & backstabbing has transpired (or is about to transpire) between Spartacus' foes and all this hostility is bound to rear its ugly head in a more ominous manner over the next few weeks.

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