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Brian Taylor Says 'Crank 3' Coming in 2013

Recently, director Brian Taylor took to answering fan questions on Reddit and Twitter. In the midst of this, the Crank franchise got brought up and Taylor gave us a bit of insight into Crank 3.

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alycakes3402d ago

Like I said...I hope in 3 he's trying to keep someone else alive while he's doing his fighting and running around.

JL3402d ago

It will be interesting to see where Crank 3 goes. Taylor has hinted around that part 2 was all a dream/hallucination (and I think that even part of the first one may have been).

alycakes3402d ago

I guess that would be an interesting theory...I mean in what deminsion would anyone survive all that? If they put that twist to it then it would be a good story line to follow up on.

DarkBlood3402d ago

really? are you talking about the part after he fell off the helicopter at the end of the first one?

sure didnt look like a dream to me but damn those movies are crazy lol

JL3402d ago

Scratch that, none of the first one was a dream/hallucination, etc. What Taylor hinted at (I think I got it right now) is that everything after the hospital is a hallucination/dream.

In the beginning of part 2, they take him to the hospital and give him an artificial heart. It's from there that it's all possibly a hallucination/dream. Taylor was kinda vague on the details here.

So, maybe he died from that helicopter fall, and the second movie was some type of hallucination as he's dying? After all, if you think about it, some dreams you have that feel like they're hours long are really only like 5mins long. So it's not entirely impossible that he lay there dying (or finally died off on the way to the hospital) and in that time he hallucinated as he was dying.

Or, the second possibility being that may he did somehow "survive" that fall and they did in fact put an artificial heart in him and/or they have him hooked up to life support. But he never actually woke up from that coma like he did in the movie. Maybe he remained in that coma, and the rest of that stuff was him dreaming while in a coma.

These would explain the insanely crazy things that happened in Crank 2. Of course, then again, we don't really need any rhyme or reason to how/why/etc. The point is it's just about a wild ass crazy ride.

contra1573402d ago

Cool. Im enjoying these fantasy action films

alycakes3401d ago

That would make the better sense especially after that fall. Just being alive after that would be a miracle anyway so being in a coma and dreaming all that other stuff would make a lot of sense.