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LRA: Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I don't really remember much of the first film beyond Nicolas Cage being in it, some fairly uninspired special effects, a snooze-fest of a story and of course that I hated it. I never really had any sort of attachment to the character (if you can call him that) and never really saw the appeal either. Sure he looks cool, a burning skull riding a burning motorcycle, but it takes more than some neat visuals to win me over which that first film did not do. I hesitate to call it a horrible film since I remember so little of it but any time I cannot recall a movie very well (which is a rarity for me) is never a good sign. With the announcement of the directing duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the two guys responsible for the fun and energetic Crank series as well as the dreadful Gamer, my interest level perked up a little. Say what you will about their style, when they make a movie they almost always go for broke and that is just what I think this series needed, a good kic...

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