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Jennifer Aniston's Full Topless Scene Removed From Wanderlust

Sources say that Aniston requested the scene be removed because of her blooming relationship with fellow actor and co-star Justin Theroux. Stephen Huvane, Aniston's publicist, denies this claim however.

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xVeZx3406d ago

so are we gonna see them or not?

Abdou233406d ago

I think we are not going to see any Aniston boobs in this movie.

Entropic3405d ago

My guess is that there will be an unrated blu ray version... maybe.

koouunn3405d ago

i am hopeing for this, but then again they are probably not that great anymore

damn cockteases, promise you something and dont deliver

badkolo3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

who gives a rats but , thats what porn is for

Thabass3406d ago

Well, there goes the only reason I would watch that movie.

spunkee3113405d ago

I would rather not see Jennifer Aniston topless. If I wanted to see Ant Bites I would push my little brother into an ant pile.