The GOTDead Podcast - Nebraska / Triggerfinger

GOTD writes: We are back! Unfortunately we are a week late but that doesn't change a thing as this week we have a double header with both the mid-season premiere from last week and the latest episode from this week. It's a good thing we ended up talking about both these episodes together because it helped curb our growing disdain for much of what this show has become over this past season. However, both Brian and myself find ourselves strangely optimistic after a rather shocking end to the premiere and a satisfying follow up in the next episode. Despite some rather blatant attempts at causing a crisis with the introduction to catatonic girl and Lori's mishap which were clearly devised to keep everyone on that farm even longer, we are find ourselves overjoyed by most of these latest events and crying out, "Hooray! The Walking Dead is a zombie show again!". Featured music is from the soundtrack for "The Walking Dead" television show.

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