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The Amazing Spider-Man: Rhys Ifans Reveals New Details About The Lizard

Rhys Ifans lets slip some intriguing new details about his role about The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man, commenting on Curt Connors' transformation, how his character uses this new persona as well as much more.

In the latest issue of Empire Magazine, Rhys Ifans has talked more about his role in The Amazing Spider-Man. Below is an excerpt from the Q&A, but be sure to pick up the issue when it goes on sale this Thursday for more.

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alycakes3406d ago

I think it's great that he feels good about this part and how the lizard will be revealed in the movie. I also more of that when I saw the extended preview at the movies this last really was great.

Soldierone3406d ago

Is the extended preview just the trailer we got? IF not is it online anywhere?

To be entirely honest when the first movie is about the lizard and we have no talk about Green Goblin or even Venom yet, I feel good. It means they are not jumping way out there, and instead are telling the story like it should. Now bring on Sinister Six! :P

alycakes3406d ago

Which is the trailer you're talking about? I saw a very lengthy preview the other day...I haven't seen one like it here but I don't know if anyone has submitted a new one lately.

Soldierone3406d ago

The trailer that came out at midnight I think last week. The one that showed The Lizard for the first time.

alycakes3406d ago

I'm going to take a look at it and let you know.

alycakes3405d ago was very similar and could be the same as that trailer. It looked like the one I saw at the movies and it was about two and a half minutes long so I'm thinking it's the same one.